Monday, December 10, 2007

Rumor: LiLo's life may get Ugly

lindsay lohan hot photo
Rumor: LiLo's life may get Ugly

Internet gossip says Lindsay Lohan is in talks to join Ugly Betty to play fallen beauty queen.

Lindsay Lohan's life has been put under the lens of a microscope (or, more accurately, the lens of the paparazzi) ever since the 21-year-old actress began overtly flaunting her hard-partying ways. The wild child has since been one of Hollywood's poster girls for out-of-control celebrities, drifting in and out of relationships with men, drugs, and rehab.

She may look prim and proper here, but is she wearing pants?
However, one good thing may come of her fall from being one of the industry's next big film stars to tabloid fodder--experience. If rumblings on the Internet prove true, Lohan may be able to look at the past few years of her life as source material for her next role.

Lohan is reportedly in "serious talks" with the producers of ABC's Ugly Betty to appear as a guest star on three episodes of the comedy, according to The New York Observer. Citing a "source on the set of Betty," the article says Lohan would play a former beauty queen who works at the fast-food restaurant that also employs Betty's dad.

"It sounds really cute," the source told Observer. "Betty tries to help Lindsay's character by getting her a job at Mode, the fashion magazine where she works on the show."

When asked about the rumor by, representatives from ABC kept their lips shut, simply saying, "No comment."

Though primarily a star of the big screen, Lindsay has dabbled in television, with credits on That '70s Show and King of the Hill.

Ugly Betty airs Thursday nights on ABC at 8 p.m. For more information, read's previous coverage.

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