Monday, December 10, 2007

Lindsay Lohan surrenders to police

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Lindsay Lohan surrendered herself to the Beverly Hills Police yesterday in connection with her DUI charge on May 26. Lindsay Lohan went to the hospital after her car-meets-curb crash for a minor chest injury - there, the police arrested her for driving under the influence. Since then, Lindsay Lohan has spent most of her time in rehab.

At 4pm yesterday, Lindsay Lohan and her attorney quietly (and without paparazzi on her tail) walked into the Beverly Hills PD to be officially arrested on her DUI charge. She was taken into custody and was booked 15 minutes later.

Lindsay Lohan was charged with "California Vehicle Code Sections 23152 (a) & (b)" for driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level greater than .08 and with "California Vehicle Code Section 20002 (a)" for misdemeanor hit and run. .

Lindsay Lohan was released on her own recognizance an hour later - the norm for first time offenders - and is scheduled to appear in court on August 24.

A lot of sites are dramatizing this as Lindsay Lohan getting into trouble, but what she’s really doing is dealing with the process of her existing problems. Taking responsibility and doing it with dignity.

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