Monday, December 10, 2007

Lindsay’s deposition: will it be taped?

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer has been fighting for some time to ensure that Lindsay Lohan’s deposition for the 2005 car accident be given behind closed doors. No cameras.

Legal papers were filed to this effect:

Lohan’s lawyer actually uses Britney Spears as legal precedent — go figure. The lawyer notes that the judge in Britney’s custody case recently rejected a request to videotape her depo. Lilo’s lawyer acknowledged the Brit ruling has no legal impact on his case but says "the point made…is significant," citing a "likelihood of unwarranted embarrassment."

Lindsay’s lawyer went on to say, "Any human being undergoing a two or three hour videotaped deposition is going to appear to do or say something awkward or embarrassing when that videotape is analyzed frame by frame."

The judge has yet to rule on whether the cameras will roll. Stay tuned.

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