Monday, December 10, 2007

Lindsay’s Deposition to be Filmed

Lindsay Lohan & her lawyer lost their plea to keep video tapes outside the court room during Lindsay Lohan’s deposition.

LA Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern denied the bid to bar cameras in a ruling on Wednesday. Lindsay’s lawyer objected strongly on her behalf - he feels the video will be sold by one of the people who has access to it. And I do agree with him there.

"If a single picture of Ms. Lohan can sell for thousands of dollars, a videotape of the deposition will undoubtedly sell for tens of thousands of dollars, or more," her attorney, David J. Ozeran, wrote in court papers.

Ozeran says he believes the real purpose of videotaping is to "annoy Ms. Lohan and to attempt to gain a litigation advantage by causing her concern about the embarrassment of such a videotape.”

I hope they take precautions to prevent that tape from being sold! Not only is that a misuse of the legal system and an invasion of Lindsay’s privacy, but being on tape may influence how the proceedings go forward.

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